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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More Vintage

I haven't tried my hand at this sort of collage before, and I really enjoyed the experience! I played with it in my spare time in between "important things" over the course of two-ish weeks. I definitely want to do more things in this style.
I was inspired again by the same article in Somerset Studio mag that I mentioned in my last post. The work was by Mary Warner of Illinois.
The item involved lining the inside of an old cigar box with pages from a vintage sewing or fashion type catalogue or magazine. Then I added a paper doll for which I also used vintage pages, along with old sewing notions, buttons & cottons etc.
I think I need to do a bit more "finishing" to it. It looks to me as though it needs something more, but I just can't decide what! :) I've no doubt it will come to me......

Two Creative Studios
For those of you interested in mixed media/fibre arts, then you may like to have a look at the site of two great artists in this field, Terri Stegmiller & Sue Bleiweiss.......Two Creative Studios. They're having a huge Summer Giveaway, and the prizes are fab!!! For more info click here.
I love Sue's work. One of the first pieces of mixed media that I made and then put up on The Chocolate Crow was this teapot. She had used tea bag wrappers fused together to make the base fabric, whereas I had cut out different leaf shapes from cotton and free-sewed them to a backing fabric. I was really pleased with the way it turned out, but have never managed to make another piece using this technique. I keep seeing her beautiful boxes and journals in my travels on the internet and tell myself that I'm gonna get that box made!!! One day! :)

The Choccie Crow has just had it's monthly changeover and the theme is Christmas in July. My offering was a cute Santa wearing a jacket made from the so beloved vintage chenille!! lol. Just can't help myself!
Even the little sack is made from it, but wrong side out!
Even though it's been a little while since I have posted, I have been far from idle, as you can see from this post.
Apart from these things and trying to live life itself, I have managed to make up a couple of my own designs. Nothing exceptional, but cute all the same! :) This sweet teddy and very cute owl.

We create our tomorrow by what we dream today. ~ Unknown


  1. It looks like you've been busy! Everything is soooo the collage!

  2. Your blog is looking so lovely Pam - maybe I need to do a facelift on mine!
    I have nominated you to play along with "My Heart" on Rustic Tarts, I hope you can join in.


  3. Debi: Thanks heaps, hope you're starting to pick up a bit. X

    Rustic Tarts: Thanks you heaps too Christina.
    Yes I will join in, but having to think a bit about the sort of photo to use! :)


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