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Friday, June 19, 2009

Where did you have lunch yesterday?

Joolz came over yesterday to do some crafting with me in my studio, and we decided it would be a brilliant idea to get some greasy hot chips and sit at the beach to eat them! :) It's good to get away from the house and work sometimes. Refresh the brain cells so to speak. Mind you, all that grease on the chips probably fogs them all up again!!! lol.

So off we all go (my husband included) to our local...Bell's Beach. We are surrounded by beaches, so therefore water, as we live on a peninsula, and this beach is only about a 2 min drive or 10 min walk from my house.

I thought it might be nice (or is it a tease!) to share some pics of what we could see as we sat and ate. It was fairly overcast but pleasant all the same.
Unfortunately, I know we don't really appreciate or even take full advantage of our recreational facilities in this area.

Life's too short for self-doubt. ~ Me!


  1. Wow...greasy chips on the beach...that sounds like fun! We don't have beaches here. What a beautiful view!

  2. Timeout relaxing with friends is so worthwhile , looks lovely !


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