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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Love, Bliss & Contentment??

I certainly think so.

These two sweet darlings are guests at our house!

A couple of months ago we started to feed this small white stray, just because we couldn't not. She was very wary of us and so malnourished. It started with the scraps from our cat's meals and blew out to 3 meals a day, coz, after realising that she was actually pregnant, I read that a pregnant/lactating mother needs more food than she would normally eat. Talk about a soft touch! :)

She disappeared for about 3 or 4 days, then started with the visits again. We worked out that she was coming from at least two blocks away from us, and having to cross roads three times to get here. Sometimes she would stay for a few hours and other times just rush off straight away.

Then about two weeks ago, on a very rainy day, she appeared with a darling little white bundle of kitten-ness! She did bring back two, but one of them was dead, poor little mite. We watched her, off and on all day, try to coax the kitten into our yard from next door, and when we got up next morning, there they both were on our back step. They lived there on our top step for the first couple of days, with the kitten charging off under the house or the garden bench to hide, if it even caught sight of us. It will now come out to the dish of food when I put it down, while I pat mum, but ready to run if I should move too suddenly.

Suppose in the beginning we had ideas of taming her somewhat with a view of packing her off to the local animal aid centre (who fortunately don't euthanize the inmates!). But I'm not sure we can do that now. We really have no idea if we can afford to keep them or even have both of them "fixed" if or when the time comes (coz it would be good to stop the addition of any more feral cats, into the area, by either of these two in the future). But at the moment we are both just loving watching them in their love for each other, as well as the antics they get up to out in our back yard. They have a lot of fun together! I am now able to stroke and scratch her and get such lovely purring and rub-ups whenever I do. We have come a long way, she and I.

Our own sweet kitty is tolerating (and I use the term loosely) them, but doesn't like it too much at all!! We feed Puss Puss & Kitty Kit (I know, not very original!) downstairs and our own, Pushka, upstairs with us, so that helps to keep some peace!

I have found that most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be. ~ Abraham Lincoln


  1. Pam that is just beautiful . Sometimes cats know just the right house to come to .

  2. Thanks Clare.
    Yes, you are so right. They can obviously sense a soft touch! lol.

  3. Aren't they just gorgeous! Cats just KNOW who likes and who doesn't like them x

  4. How absolutely adorable. This is the second blog post about stray kittens and their Mums I've read today. We did the same 9 years ago, with three kittens, and still have mother and one son, but son is now 'Jools' (or jubjub,) and mother is 'Mummy'. She still doesn't allow much physical contact but he is a human now! He's very naughty with his mum and regularly attacks her in a non filial way.


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