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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Aren't I lucky?

How sweet are these buttons? I won them last week over at Burgundy Primettes. Thank you so much Sandra!

The photo hasn't come out as well as I thought it would and I might take another tomorrow. Better I hope. The patterns on them are much darker. They are her own designs and she sells them on her web site. They are wooden. Just have to work out what I can do with them. I'm sure I won't have any problems there!


Oh yes! Much better pic. The house measures 9cm or 3 1/2 ins long.


  1. You are lucky Pam, they are lovely!

  2. I can imagine these on a gorgeous creation! I love the house button.

  3. Thanks girls for your comments. I've just put up a better pic of them too.


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