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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Still waiting.................

Yep, my site is still offline, and I'm managing to stay calm enough, but still anxious about whether it's doing any damage to the integrity of the site or even to myself. Think I just have to take a deep breath and leave it in the hands of the Universe.
Meanwhile it has been suggested to me that pics of my studio might make a do-able post, and as I just love peeking inside the studios and or craft/sewing rooms of other artisans/crafters, I thought I may just do that.

These first two are taken from the door leading in from under our house. The long yellow table is an old cutting table of my mother's, and I just couldn't imagine doing without it. In this pic you can see my fabric stash against the far wall (needs a bit of a tidy) beside an old silky oak chest of drawers that my husband managed to aquire from his last place of employment. Lucky me! I have two of these and they would have to be one of the handiest types of furniture that a mixed media person could own!! He has fitted one with castors. Down the window end of the table sits the shelves that all my finished projects live in, and at the other end is my semi-indudstrial Bernina which I also could not do without. There is a stack of storage room under the table. It measures 8 X 4 ft.

In the other pic is a plain dining table that I use as a wrapping place for parcels, and to sit at to hand sew things. Above the table is a wooden ladder attached to the ceiling, and it holds and hangs all manner of crafty items. Very handy! Over in front of the door (leads out to front yard) is my soft comfy chair in which I sit with a cuppa to read my favourite mags, or to just take time out from whatever is on the go at that moment. Beside that you can just see my industrial overlocker which I've had for more years than I care to remember.

These two pics are of course taken from the other side of the room.
Here is my beloved stash of chenille, a few of my coveted smaller ports/cases and the other silky oak drawers.

Nothing out of the ordinary here though. Just a couple of filing cabinets, a cork board and a small area where I keep my stationery supplies. I really would love to update and improve this area. Saw a lovely little thing on ~The Feathered Nest~ that I would sooo luuuv to find here in Australia, but not sure where to look. Plonked in the middle of the cutting table it would hold most of the things from said area. I'm sure she wouldn't mind me showing it to you. Now don't you think that's just the handiest little carousel? The little drawers open out too.

This is a close up of the stationery area.
The last pic is just from the window sort of showing you the length of the room.
Well, hope you enjoyed that little peek into my studio, and that you weren't too bored with it.

Sweet dreams.


  1. Hello, thanks for the comment on my blog re the old brick wall. Wow! I have a reader so far away, the wonder of the web! Loved looking round your studio... I wouldn't DARE photgraph my tiny room, I am such and untidy so and so! Regards, Cathy x

  2. This looks awesome to me and would die for this space!

  3. CATHY: And thanks for your comment here!
    I still am in awe of the wonder of the web. Because of my web site I am now corresponding with two ladies in America and another in UK!, and am now commenting back and forth with others here in blogland.
    No no no Cathy! Not untidy, just very creative! Sounds much better, don't you think? :))

    BUBBACHENILLE: Have left a comment on your blog as well, but thanks for your comment, and yes I do feel lucky to have my space. My own little retreat!

  4. I love it pam, you have so much space and it looks so organised! Love the drawers that your hubby brought home, and I love all the vintage suitcases.

  5. Pam,
    Your studio is great!! LOVE those oak drawers with the fun!
    Hugs, Debi

  6. Pam, your studio area is FANTASTIC, I love it, and wish mine was half the size...!!!!!!
    I just posted a pic of mine....its weeny............xx


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