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Friday, March 20, 2009

A little bit more faith in me.

I follow the blog of mixed media artist, Ruth Rae, and last week she invited anyone who made a button bracelet from a project that she posted about, to send an image to her and she would put it up on A Charming Exchange blog. So I did and I did!! lol. I sent it off to her tonight! Stepped out of my square two days running! Things are looking up. :))

Mind you..... probably just starting up this blog was the biggest square-stepper-outer.

Sweet dreams...........


  1. Your bracelet is wonderful. What a great way to use things from your studio. Also congrats on setting up your blog! I set one up about a year ago and have yet to post anything.......well one of these days...........

  2. Hi Michele. Not sure if you'll get this comment. But thanks for your lovely comments.
    You hang in there with your blog. The more times you post, the easier it gets! Believe me.
    Even if you take a photo of some lovely view or wild flower you've seen in the day and post that with some words. At least it's a start.

  3. Love your bracelet...very pretty! Hope you get picked!

  4. How cute this turned out! Love that you used the fine guage wire.

  5. i love your button bracelet, pam! ruth and i both have had scottie dogs in the past so your beautiful bracelet is especially popular with us. :0)

  6. i love this Pam, see what happens when you step outside your square, you make beautiful things!


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