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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Made it back here...........finally!!

I've been rather busy making lots of those small decorative cushions that I mentioned in a previous posting. Also made some gift bags in the same style. I cut out so many of them (about 13 in all) that I didn't feel like I'd ever get to the end of them! :) Well....I haven't, in actual fact! Coz I've had to go off track temporarily to make a doll for an order, which I admit was a nice break from the cushions and bags. But I'll get back into them tomorrow, and hopefully finish them, and then put them up onto the site. Two are up already.

They are made from calico, and I'm thinking that I might stain a few of them to give them a bit of an aged look. I'm quite pleased with how they are coming up. Think my favourite is the one with the vintage lady in green on the right. But I'm also really liking the blue Friends one.

Got quite excited this week when I received some keys that I had won on e bay. Paid a bit more than I probably should have, but it works out to about 40 cents a key. I'm thinking that's pretty good.

Apart from a few fairly mundane ones and a couple of combination locks, these keys are just so cute and have such wondrous potential for some of my projects in mixed media or collage, and perhaps as supplies on the site. I'm already starting to think about places they can be used. The smallest one is only about 2cm long.
I could become a little bit obsessed with keys.....maybe. :) Perhaps the way I think one can never have enough chenille or old ports/suitcases, I'll start thinking that one can never have enough old keys either! I also won a Premier issue of one of my favourite mags Cloth Paper Scissors! Really am a happy camper.
Found out yesterday that the next Designer's Emporium Boutique market, on the 1st of February, will be the last monthly one held. Perhaps it will the last altogether. Options are being looked at, but that's all we know at the moment. Quite sad really, as it is a lovely little market.
Joolz and I will have to try and find another as good, that also supplies the tables and cloths and is under cover.
Night all, thanks for coming. Be happy! :)

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  1. HI Pam!
    Great to see the little cushions and bags I saw you sewing the other week all finished! Very sweet.


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