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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I'm going to start this posting, but may have to come back to it later this afternoon or tonight. I've been on the puter all morning working on the site and now feel in need of a break from it to do some sewing/crafting. And it's almost lunch time and almost time for Ellen. :)

I finally finished all those gift bags and cushions!!! yay! So I have now added them to the site.

Have been soooo wanting to get into some collage/mixed media projects, and now have a chance to do something that doesn't have to be made quickly. I'm fairly new to making this type of art, but have loved it from afar for quite a while. I especially love anything old and vintage.

I have recently bought myself two books on altered books and will try to do something along those lines. I look at the photos in these books and feel such a longing to "do" this as my "thing". As Australian author Sandy Forster has said in her books etc, we need to be doing things that make our hearts sing.......and this really does make mine sing. Only problem is I don't seem to get to do much of it. Suppose I should admit to being a tad guilty of some procrastination. :) But not very really!! And other things, situations and people also play havoc as well.

I realised that my life has actually become consumed with sewing/crafting/art and the web site. While I love to do all these things, I know that there are other things that need to be done, or "it" will become very unbalanced. Because I'm trying to make a buck from it all, I think that I feel that it all has to come before anything else. And that is unbalanced.

This year I intend to try to change all that! This blog will be a good way to journal it all perhaps, and let me see that I am creating that change. I have started though. Sunday and Monday had no sewing etc, coz I did some much overdue gardening, and I felt much better for it! Ok enough of the blathering!! :)

I have a heart that I bought about a year ago, and have been trying to decide how to use it. It is made from some sort of stone.......I think! White with red. Bit like a bleeding heart. So I now know what to do with it, and I've started getting all my materials together, and in between making my items for Chocolate Crow, I'll work on that project. I'm getting quite excited about it.
There's the heart just above centre of the pic. Can't decide whether to do an altered book or use some small canvases I have, and make them into a book. I'll work it out.
I was very taken with something that Sue Ure had said in her book The Altered Book Scrapbook.
"What I love about altered book scrapbooking is that your 'album' is entirely unlike anyone else's. Anyone can go to the store and buy the same album. It's far less likely that anyone will use the same base book as you. Even if they do, there's next to no chance that they'll do the same things with it.
For me, the process starts with the book and my subject. As I gather my materials, I get ideas about what I'm going to do, but I don't like to work from a fixed plan. I allow myself to get involved emotionally and let my thoughts carry me along. Being spontaneous leaves room for surprises, sudden insights, and strokes of inspiration. It keeps the act of creation an unfolding adventure."
Now if I can work with all that in mind, I should be fine, don't you think? :)
I'm off for a bite to eat. Then to the sewing machine. Obviously I've managed to finish this posting and won't have to come back to finish it off! and Ellen is nearly finished now. :))
Get happy and creative!!

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