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Friday, December 5, 2008

Didn't take me long.....

Well that didn't take me long to get back here for another post did it? lol.....NOT!

I suppose I find it hard to decide what is good, bad or indifferent to write here. Would hate for people to think that it's boring or over the top!

Spent most of the day on the puter and didn't get down to my studio until about 3 this afternoon. All I really want to do is sew and create and design, but there are other things in life that have to be done! :)

Sent out the site newsletter. Once I get started on it, I quite enjoy composing it as I go. Would love to know what they all really think of it. And the mailing list is growing slowly, slowly. I love it when someone else asks to be added. I know then that there are people visiting the site, and it's not just spiders and bots! Lovely.

I have just been over to The Rustic Tarts blog and the latest entry, which I'm assuming was done by Christina (hi Christina), was something she had created using Loved how it looked, so I went and had a squizz and joined up! Given that I love to play around with mixed media and collages, I'm sure I'm going to have fun with it.

Had a visit to an amazing gift shop at Samford yesterday. Bitter Sweet Country. They have some really lovely prim and country things. It smells devine. Bought a few things for myself, and also, in cahoots with the sales girl, managed to sneek a very pretty framed collage into my package for Joolz, who happened to be there, for Christmas. I noticed she was quite taken with it. She will probably swear at me when she gets it! Hee hee. I was so inspired by the shop, that today I started making my version of some little cushions that I saw there. I have been trying to print some vintage Christmas pics on calico, but could only use half of them. Really need to learn how to use freezer paper properly to do this. Might google it!

It's been so hot here today and now it's so wet! Joys of living in a sub tropical area. But I quite like the rain sometimes.

Designed and made a cute little owl from vintage chenille, to put up for December's offerings on The Chocolate Crow Trader, and even though he isn't terribly complicated or involved to make, I'm rather taken with him. He's very soft and cuddly. Maybe I won't be too sad if he doesn't sell. :)


  1. Hi Pam
    I noticed your little profile photo on our blog this morning so I thought I would follow it to see where it would lead me and I got here!
    I see you are quite new to the blogging world, I am sooo experienced now with a few months under my belt.....LOL - but it is fun. The scrapblog is a good one isn't it? I've used a couple now but that has so many more options.
    Have a good day

  2. Hi back Christina! Thanks for being my first "comment". Have to admit to a jolt of excitement when I scrolled down and there it was. Wasn't expecting anything for quite a while.
    Yes, the scrapblog does look as though there is a lot you could do with it.
    Thanks again, Pam.

  3. I love your owl. I have made an owl also for the choc crow for december!

  4. As they say, great minds think alike! Thanks for that Laurel.
    And happy Happy Birthday!!!


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