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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve!!


Well it's the night before Christmas, and I suppose there are a huge amount of children going off to bed in a high state of excitement! And adults as well! :)

I've managed to finish all my shopping for gifts and food, as well as to send out all the cards and e mails to friends and rellies here in Australia and overseas. I've made some really great friends throughout the year since joining TCCT and opening my site. Not only here in Australia but in America and the UK. There are some lovely, lovely people out there! One day I would love to meet them in person. Who knows..... stranger things have happened! :)

Don't you love the black and white clip art above? They were freebies from Dover Publications. I've downloaded some beautiful graphics through their newsletters. The Santa was the print I used on the largest of the three tiny pillows I mentioned in a previous post. I have come to love most vintage/old things, rather than the modern things that are around today. They are too streamlined and sterile to my mind. When I look at things vintage or old, I see the love that has gone into creating it. There is so much character in the line of them. Well that's how I see it anyway. each her own! That's what makes the world go around I suppose. It would be a sad and boring old world if we all liked exactly the same things.

One of the girls from Chocolate Crow challenged a few of us to "let me see your Christmas Tree".... I don't actually have one and hadn't really intended getting one, so I decided to make my own!! As any of you that have visited Choc Crow would know, the site is mostly aimed toward the Primitive craft, so my aim was to make a prim tree if I could. So I gathered some branches from the trees in my back yard and hot glued and tied them to a central bamboo "trunk", then added some prim and not so prim pretties to it. I placed it in a rusty tin filled with stones, put the tin in an old wooden Coke box, added Spanish moss around the top of the tin and then put some fabric wrapped balls in amongst this. Maybe beauty is in the eye of the beholder, coz I'm thinking that it looks kind of cute!! :) One of the girls e mailed back and said it was gorgeous, so I'm going with that! Lolol.

It's raining here in Redcliffe at the moment. So nice and cool. Not heavy......just right. I'm finding the sound of the rain to be relaxing and comforting.
Hopefully it will be as nice as this tomorrow. Cool I mean. Forecast is for a mild day with rain or storms developing late afternoon. Most celebrations would probably be done by then. Hope you all have a wonderful time with your family and friends tomorrow, and aren't bothered too much by any inclement weather! At least any rain will help to keep it cool.

So to all of you out there that celebrate Christmas in any way, I wish you a safe time, filled with a lot of peace and a heap of love and laughter. The same to our international friends and family, that may be travelling a day behind us, for the day after! :)

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